Dr. John Peroutka, DDS practices in Sandston

Dr. John Peroutka, DDS

Dr. Peroutka graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University Dental School in 2003. He then went to the University of Florida for an additional intensive year of study in complex dental techniques receiving his certificate in Advanced Education in General Dentistry. Dr. Peroutka’s continued pursuit of higher learning has prepared him to provide excellent clinical care with Read the full article…

Why should I go to the dentist regularly?


Going to the dentist is important for your overall health. Regular dental visits can prevent many oral problems. Keep your dentist informed of any changes in your health as they may have an effect on your oral health. Plan for dental cleanings at least twice a year. Some people may need more visits depending on Read the full article…

Dental Health Impacts Overall Health


Dental Health “Impacts Overall Health In Significant Ways.” Jean De Luca of Delta Dental of Idaho wrote for the Twin Falls (ID) Times-News (12/22) on the importance of dental health. De Luca wrote, “good dental health isn’t just about keeping your teeth sparkling” as “oral health impacts your overall health in significant ways.” De Luca Read the full article…