Routine Dentistry

  • Check-ups and Cleanings for Adults and Children using digital radiographs which offer more detail and ¼ of the standard film radiation!
  • Fillings of the patients choice:
    • White “Bonded” fillings
    • Silver “Amalgam” fillings
  • Tooth Replacement
    • Fixed Bridgework
      • Natural looking traditional “crown and bridge work”.
    • Partial and Complete Dentures
      • Custom fitted for comfort and natural appearance
    • Same day emergency tooth replacement
      • We can fabricate a temporary “flipper” for cosmetics until the permanent treatment is ready
  • Implant Tooth Replacement (for one or more teeth)
    • The most natural tooth for tooth replacement now offered anywhere. It is the closest to the original appearance and sensation of the original teeth.
  • Extractions
    • Performed gently and comfortably
  • Root Canals
    • Most cases are treated in office using the latest rotary techniques
  • Whitening or Bleaching
    • We use a proven custom tray technique that works for many different types of discoloration. Future whitenings need only to buy the $10 tubes of whitening agent.

Complex Dentistry

  • Complete treatment planning with consultations with any other needed discipline to finish the case in the most functional and esthetic way.
  • Examples of this are:
    • Orthodontically moving teeth into correct positions for esthetic crowns and bridges
    • Periodontist maintaining proper gingival architecture for best esthetics in the anterior region.
    • Oral Surgeon using computer/ cone beam scan to ensure safe and proper placment of multiple implant sites